Full/Part time Leaders/House Parents


Jesus said to them again, "…As the Father has sent Me, I also send you." —John 20:21

We as Christians all have a calling on our life. It is Jesus who sends, we all have a mission field. 2  years ago God told me (Sharon Bentham CEO Founder) I would be calling missionaries to Aimee's Hope. I initially thought that makes no sense you don’t call missionaries to UK work. I was obviously wrong. 

A Christian missionary is a person whose passion is to make the Lord Jesus known to the whole world. I believe that ‘being a missionary’ in the truest sense of the word is taking the Gospel where it has never been before, or at least to a different culture or a different language group. A true missionary is someone who will risk everything for the sake of the lost of the world.” Keith Green 

The mission field for Aimee’s Hope is young people/adults who have been abused or abandoned and because of this are lost and don’t know Father God’s love for them. People who take on the call to be a missionary in Aimee’s Hope have answered God’s call to reach this specific lost group and as the above definition states they will sacrifice for this cause.

In order for Aimee’s Hope to do the work it does we need people who will either devote themselves full time or part time to this work as if it was their job just like a missionary would do abroad. This means a lot to the young people we work with that we want to do life with them and build long term relationships with them. 

Our volunteers are great to support the work we do and we still need more, but in order to build and increase the work we do we need the commitment needed from missionaries full or part time. Please pray for this need. Pray also if this is you or someone you know.  

Picture with permission from Aimee's Hope is funded the same way as George Muller funded orphanages in the 1800's by prayer. The call from God was to do what George Muller did in Northern Ireland. So both the ministry is funded by prayer not sharing needs and Sharon Bentham funds herself this way relying on father God our great provider.   

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Could God be calling you to this work? Does your heart break as God does for young people who have had a hard start and just need a little extra support to make that transition to adulthood.  We are looking for those who want to work directly in the house as house parents or those who want to help in the more managerial parts of the organisation. Please contact us to find out more and receive an application pack. Currently we are unable to take on more overseas workers so our missionary positions are only open to people who have been resident within the UK for at least 2 years.

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