The programme

Aimee's Hope intern programme will give you hands on experience and training to minister with young people in need. 

Young people:

in need of salvation, 

in need of a closer walk with God,

in need of guidance,

in need of a family experience and

in need to thrive in their journey of life. 

An Internship with Aimee's Hope will consist of 3 parts relational, pastoral and discipleship with the young people.

The intern will help the young people to develop relationship with themselves, house leaders, their own family and people in their community and beyond.

The intern will live with the young people and help them develop in teaching household tasks, helping support employment and educational opportunities, independence in all areas of life:- body, soul and spirit.  


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The intern programme is a live in post and is full time year programme of direct experience and study. 

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