Intercession vision



We have a vision to see small groups of intercession teams praying in this land for family and young people. God has a purpose and a plan for families who have been broken and young people who have been abused. Intercession is about declaring that plan and agreeing with God our Father, “Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is heaven.”


Prayer for Aimee's Hope



Prayer is foundational to Aimee's Hope. We have been birthed in prayer and will only continue in prayer for all our needs, strength and wisdom needed to do this work. We have a monthly newsletter that you can request using the button below. This newsletter gives updates and monthly prayer points for the ministry. You can also become part of our intercession team. We also believe in praying for the communities we are in and currently host a weekly prayer meeting in the house in Millisle To find out more SEE BELOW

Prayer for Family and Young People



Statistics from the Families and Households statistical Bulletin published by ONS in 2013: 

1.9 million families consist of a single parent and dependent children

3. million children live in families headed by a lone parent

25% of all families with dependent children are one parent families

From evangelical alliance website.

We need to pray for family 

NI suicide rate soars by 19% with six people taking own lives every week (headline Belfast Telegraph)

We need to pray for young people 


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